Tuesday, January 17, 2012

3 Months Old

Hello Everyone,

Sorry I wasnt posting alot last week- I was under the weather with a cold! But I am on the mend now!!!!

Can you believe our Harper girl is 3 Months old!!

These past three months have flown by and she becomes more precious to us everyday!!!
Sleeping: She tranistioned to her crib from her bassinet a week ago and is doing great! She typically goes down for the night around 11 and sleep till 7! During the day she loves her naps and usually sleeps anywhere from 40 minutes to 2 hour stretches! She is so happy when she wakes up in the morning it Momma's favorite thing to see her smiling baby!
Eating: She is our little eater and has started to do constant feedings every 2 hours! Lately she has been drooling alot more lately and I am wondering if she is starting the early stages of teething!!!!!!!

Clothing and Diapers: This past weekend I packed away all her newborn to 3 months clothing. She is so long that lots of her clothes are short on her! Good thing she got spoiled rotten this Christmas with new clothes! She is in Diaper size 2 now as well!

Some of her favorites: Being swaddled and rocked to sleep, riding in the car with the music up!!! and watching TV
Some of her dislikes: being cold, doing tummy time, and getting loaded into the baby bjorn

Weight: 12.5 lbs
Lenght: 24.5 inches

We love you Harper Regina!!!!

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