Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Golden Day

Hello Fellow Bloggers,

Well yesterday was the big day. My Golden Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I turned 26 on April 26th!!!!!!

Ever since I was a little girl, my momma has made birthdays on all out celebration. Whether it was decorations, parties, or gifts she did it all.

Yesterday was no different. The day started off at work when I got to my desk it was completly decorated and filled with 26 balloons. My team then had a spread of snacks, gifts, and cards. They took me out for lunch to my favorite new resturant as well. During the afternoon I was called down to security to pick something up. To my GREAT surpirse was a beautiful arrangement of flowers from my dear Iowa family Adam, Kendra, and Jerzey. The card (from Adam) reall made my day it said Happy 30th!!!!!!!! This will be your last birthday as a single lady!!!!! Dont you Love it??????? THANK YOU GUYS I LOVE YOU After that I headed home for the day and enjoyed an ice cold DIET COKE!!

After that I headed to my spin class- yes I worked out on my birthday and it was so worth it!! Joey then asked me to be ready at 6:30. He drove me around to several resturants and finally we ended up at Granite CIty one of my favorites. The Hostess took us back to a table and to my SURPISE, Joey had arranged a surprise dinner party with some of our great friends!!!!!!!!!!

Isnt he great!!!!!!!!

My Beautiful gift from Joe- Michael Kors watch!!!!!!!

Thank you to all my friends and family who made my day special yesterday!!!!! I am completly blessed that you are all in my life!

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Kendra Dawn said...

Ok....FIRST....I LOVED that u had a diet coke.....SECOND.......I am STEALING that watch. I have wanted one like that forever.........you suck!!!!!!!!!!

:) LOVE YOU!!!