Sunday, April 25, 2010


I have been a bad blogger lately. My only real excuse is that with the wedding approaching, I have been spending my free time with the planning, This past weekend we headed to Naperville for the weekend to celebrate my birthday. Friday we got packed up and on the road late. We didn't pull into my mom's driveway until 12:30. When we got there we brought our bags in and to my mom told me I had a my first gift to open. She told me it was upstairs I checked my bedroom, her bedroom, one of the guest bedrooms and I didn't see anything, then she pointed me to the other bedroom and to my GREAT surprise:Isn't she just a beauty, this is Madeline my godbaby. My mom, aunt, and uncle were good enough to let me spend some quality time with each other. Don't you just love how she is asleep!!!

The next day we headed out for a day of shopping, we started with a late breakfast, then headed to a store called IKEA. We scored BIG for the wedding with lots of vases and great decor. After that we headed to the mall for some shopping. Joey was so great he and Madeline headed to the fountain so my mom and I could run into a few stores. When we found them they were laughing and had treats.

My aunt was good so gracious and kind and had us all over for a lovely birthday dinner. Which included great food, delicious wine, and lots of laughs.

Grace, Caroline, and Molly the new dog to the Turner family

My mom and I

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