Thursday, June 21, 2012

A VERY Bad Reaction

Over a week ago I took Harper into the doctor because she had been having a problem, with her eye and had been pulling on her ears frequently. I had a feeling an ear infection was in the works and to my surprise when the doctor took a look he found out she had a double ear infection and an eye infection. He prescribed drops for her eyes and amoxicillen for her ear infection. Harper is a true trooper and sucks down her medicine like a champ. On the 7th day of treatment about 4 hours after I had given her the medicine I noticed very small red bumps on her arms. I was with my grandparents and we thought maybe it was a bit of heat rash. Later that day I laid her down for her nap and when she woke up I knew it WASNT heat rash it was getting WORSE and SPREADING. I called the doctor and they said I should stop treatment and monitor her. Harper is such a good girl she never fussed and went down like a sweetheart that night. The next morning when I heard her jabbering away I went in to get her and gasped!!

The rash had gotten so much worse over night and had spread like crazy even onto her sweet face

Even though she has this terrible rash she has been the sweetest, it ended up getting alot worse yesterday and we were seen by the doctor he prescribed some medicine and we have seen a big improvement!


ann said...

How is it that even with a rash, Harper still looks adorable? Happy to hear your baby girl is feeling better!

Kendra Dawn said...

My poor, sweet little Harper!!!