Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Freezer Cooking

Have you heard the buzz on other blogs and Pinterest about FREEZER COOKING?

Well I had been reading awhile about it and reseaching different tutorials and I found the most perfect one! The meals all sounded good to me, the grocery list was pre-made, and the recipes seemed doable!

So I set out set out one day to do my grocery shopping
The next day I set out all the dry goods
And on the third day I made 10 meals in 1 day!

Was it alot of work. . . . YES
Do I love having a freezer full of food so when I dont know what to cook I can pull from . . . . . YES
Do I think it has saved us money on eating out. . . . .YES

Here is my sweet cooking assistant

Here is the link to the tutorial with the recipes and the grocery list:

The list of meals I made:
-Taco Soup
-Wild Rice Chicken Soup
-Tator Tot Casserole
-Chicken Enchilidias
-Chicken and rice veggies
-Tortolleni Soup
-Upside down Fettucini bake
-Hawiian Pork

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