Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Books Books and More Books

I have been an avid reader FOREVER. My mom read to me all the time when I was little and I can remember her making the chatacters come alive with different voices. I also can remember laying in bed reading with her on a snowy day or reading on our screened in porch on a rainy summer day. Neeedless to say as I have grown up books have always been in my life. When I was a teenager I read lots of series books like Judy Blue and the American Girl Series. As I got older novels became my passion and one day I hope to write a children's book and a novel.
I thought I could give everyone an update on the books I am currently reading and have just finished!


This book has been on the bestseller list often in the past year. I have heard people go crazy over this book and others that said they just didnt get it. I had the book for quite awhile before I got to it. THe first 100 pages were the hardest for me. At page 75 I called my mom and said I couldnt read anymore but she told me to keep on going. I would suggest this book if you are looking for something different, edgy, and hopeful.

Recently I started a book club with some fellow girlfriends of mine. The idea is that everyone gets together at the person who picked the book that month for discussion, snack and chit chat. I was lucky enough to be the first to pick. I had previsouly read the book The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold and thought this story would be a good starter since many of the clubers had read her first book. I will update you when I finish with pictures and review from our first book club get together!

One of my bridesmaids(Hi Kendra) gave me this book this past weekend when we were together. I had been telling her that I wanted to read it and she was gracious enough to supply me with a copy. I started it on my Sunday Drive home. I am only on the second chapter but so far I really have enjoyed it- it challenges the mind!!
By now you have to be saying how do you have time to read one more thing right well this is what is waiting on deck. I recieved it from my mom awhile ago and as soon as I finish this I moving on to this one. Jodi Picoult is a divine author and this book is about the supernatural!
I want to hear from you bloggers, what are you reading???? what would you recommend???
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Kendra Dawn said...

Glad you like the book...it will come in handy months/years down the road...TRUST ME!! :)