Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Last week Joey's brother Mikey came to Davenport to stay for the week. We really had a fun week of staying up late watching movies, eating junk food and just hanging out. (not to mention our trip Chi-Town)
I am an only child so I always like to watch the interaction between siblings. I have always watched friends with brothers and sisters and my mom with her brothers in such amazement of the bond that exists between siblings.
I decided to write this for my blog after Mikey left for the week because it really gave me a chance to reflect on Joey and Mikey's relationship.

The first thing I noticed was LAUGHTER. I have never heard those two boys laugh so much than this past week. They could say one liners from movies all night long to each other.

The next thing I noticed was this amazing bond. We talked a lot about their childhood and it was interesting to hear them reflect on the memories they had and their interpretation of situations.

One of the most important things that I saw between them was the impact they have on each other. Mikey pushes Joey, Joey pushed Mikey, Mikey pushed Joey, Joey pushed Mikey.
Truly they do they want each other to be the very best that they possibly can be and they are helping each other get there every step of the way.

Joey asked Mikey to be his best man over Thanksgiving and for those of you that know me I CRIED! but truly I now know why Mikey is THE BEST MAN! Now.

I feel so lucky to have caught a glimpse of their relationship and can only pray that if I am blessed with more than one child they can have a strong unconditional bond like Mikey and Joey.
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Kendra Dawn said...

No it does not surprise me you cried when Joey asked Mikey to be his best man....I thought the plan was for you and Joey to have 5 or 6 kids?!?

Erin said...

well yes we would like to give the duggars some competition!!! JOKE!