Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas 2013

After a LONG LONG break from blogging Guess what??? I am BACK!!!

We had so many holiday get together and I wanted to soak up the time with family so this week will be jam packed with updates from this Haluska family!

We had a great holiday with family. Joe was able to take 2 weeks off from work which made Harper and I so very happy to have extra time with him. Unfortunately we did get another bout of the flu and it took all 3 of us down which was no fun, but overall it was great!!!

We spent 5 days in Indianola. A big snowstorm hit which was pretty but had us inside the house for 2 days straight. We spend a day in Des Moines shopping which is never a bad things. We did a cookie baking day and had a fun Christmas get-together with that side of the family!!! We did however miss Joe's sister Kelsey who was unable to come home since she lives in Hawaii.

After that we headed to Geneseo on Christmas Eve to spend the day with my family. Harper had a great time because she loves being around other kids. Even though the closest in age to her is Madeline who is 6 she loves it! Christmas Eve we enjoyed a fun night at my uncle and aunts who throw a themed evening every year!

Christmas day we woke up at our house which I love. Bringing Harper down the stairs was such a happy memory and hearing her squeal was the best!!! My mom was with us and we opened presents with Champagne and Breakfast casserole.

The weekend after Christmas we headed to Albia for another Haluska get-together. We checked out the new brewing company in Alba which is slot of un! and Harper got to spend time with her 2 cousins!

New Years wasn't so great because the flu arrived and took us ALL down.

We are very grateful for the time we had together, the family we love and the memories we made.

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