Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Door County Part 1

A few weeks ago Joe, my mom and I headed to Door County, Wisconsin for my godsister's wedding. Many people have asked me what a godsister is. Let me explain. A godsister would be my mother's goddaugther. For years that has been how Liz(my godsister) and I have referred to each other.

Anyways, Harper went to spend the weekend with my Aunt Sue and Uncle Don and the She-She's at their lake house.

We picked up Colleen in Naperville and off we were to start the 5 hour road trip. Our first stop was in Milwaukee for a delicious lunch and a refreshing beverage.
After we filled up we were back on the road till we got to Green Bay, Wisconsin and we decided it was time to stretch our legs at one of the many wineries that were being featured. So off we went to Captain's Winery for a sampling of 9 wines, good thing it isnt much more than a sip

We were happy car-riders once we arrived at the hotel. We unpacked went through our snazy wedding bag, and then decided it was time we walked around the downtown area. It is absolutely beautiful. So many different shops, and the water is gorgeous!

At the end of the night after dinner we found a cute tiki bar that is right on the water and the name of the bar was extra special for Joey this is his grandpa name from his Zanoni side of the family!

Part 2 is up for tomorrow get ready for lots of gorgeous wedding photos!

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